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Crossfield Stringed Instruments Privacy Notice




Privacy is important to everyone and we ensure that we keep any customer details secure.  We never share customers’ information of any kind with other parties.  This includes individual names, telephone numbers, personal email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.


This policy applies to all the services that we offer whether that be via telephone conversations,email contact or data entered directly in to our website pages.


We will only contact you directly if you have requested us to do so.


This applies to all repair services that we have undertaken, direct sales and any of our tuition services.


Please read this policy carefully and if you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Who we are


Crossfield Stringed Instruments is owned by Leo Crossfield who is solely responsible for this policy and customer data.


We are unaffiliated to any other business and are experienced players of the whole range of instruments that we make and therefore understand players’ individual needs.We work with our customers to ensure that we understand your actual needs.  Our services are all bespoke so that each instrument we build, the lessons received or the repairs and modifications we make to an instrument is perfect and unique to the specific customer.


The information we collect?


We only collect the information that is relevant for us to be able to contact you directly such as your email address, telephone number and name.  On rare occasions we may take your address if the repair requires a loan instrument.  However, we will take note of your address if we have to courier an instrument to you.


Data used with regard to payment is not stored.  Our three methods of payment are cash, PayPal or direct bank transfer.  We do not need your personal data for any of these transactions and therefore do not store it.



How we use personal information


The only reason we use your personal data is to enable us to contact you during the process of the engagement with you.  After the engagement has been successfully completed we no longer store your data.



The legal basis we have for processing your personal data


This is via consent with you and for the purposes of providing you with an appropriate receipt or invoice.


When do we share personal data?


We will only share your name and phone number if you have agreed for us to do so.  This is rare but will only be done if you agree for us to refer you to another Luthier or teacher where we cannot fulfil your actual requirements.  For example, if you want a repair made to an instrument that we do not have the experience to work on.



Where we store and process personal data


We only store email correspondence for a limited period of time on a personal computer owned and accessed solely by Leo Crossfield.  Other data is not stored once the transaction has been completed.


How we secure personal data


There are no other staff, so the personal computer is solely used by Leo Crossfield.


How long do we keep your personal data for?


Your data is not kept once the sale has been completed.  Email correspondence is kept for six months to ensure we can contact you should a problem arise with the service or goods that we have provided.  After this period your information is deleted from the system.


Your rights in relation to personal data


You can at any time request us to provide you with any data that we have stored and to have it deleted.  We do however maintain copies of invoices and receipts solely for tax purposes.


How to contact us?


Telephone: 01733 844039

Email: leo@stringed-instruments.co.uk

Post:  Crossfield Stringed Instruments, Dairy Farm House, Mereside Drove, Ramsey Mereside, Huntingdon, PE26 2UE


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Linking to other websites / third party content


We do provide links to other third party websites where we have a friendly relationship or where our services are also advertised.  Third party websites do have the option for customers to give personalised reviews of our services.  The content of these websites is completely outside of our control and we are therefore not responsible for customer entries and unable to edit them.


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